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Micro Delta T AB

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µΔT Heat Exchanger

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THe Best Refrigator Heat Exchanger Solution in the World



µΔT has developed a surface modification technique for enhanced boiling. This technique has a tremendous impact on the performance of heat exchangers in a wide range of applications. More



µΔT offers services for all its products. Currently, µΔT is enlarging its own production facility for efficient heat exchanger components using its developed technology. More


Company Synopsis

  Micro Delta T AB develops enhanced heat transfer technology and products together with services for customers using the developed technology, providing solutions in the energy-related industry where enhanced heat transfer is needed including efficient heat pumps, compact plate heat exchangers, microelectronic cooling, etc.


The demonstration unit shows how the enhanced heat transfer surfaces made by µΔT improve the boiling heat transfer in evaporator and consequently the performance of heat pump. More

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