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About Us

    MDT was founded in 2007, for the utilization of the research carried out at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, where a novel enhanced boiling technique using nanostructured macro-porous (NMP) surface as heat exchanger (HE) surfaces developed by the two KTH research groups, Division of Functional Materials and Division of Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration. In 2009, MDT received financial support from VINNOVA (Sweden)- designade material (2009-2010) to develop the concept of micro-porous surface for high-efficient heat exchangers, which allowed the real company operation starting in Jan 2009. Since then, the R&D progress had been smooth and steady.
  By 2011, MDT has developed the technology for the fabrication of NMP surface with high mechanical stability. For that we successfully perfected the technology needed for producing, robust, standardized and highly efficient heat exchange MDT surface that met all industry needs (mechanical, stability and durability. We demonstrated the feasibility of the technology by fabricating MDT® surfaces on commercial HE plates known as M3 HE (Gasket type, used in industrial scale, which is one of the main industry standards, produced by Alfa-Laval AB, with dimensions 450×150 mm). The results showed that MDT® surface coated-M3 plates (MDT®-M3) HE-plates vastly outperformed the commercial M3 plates. The results were validated at Alfa-Laval labs in Italy.
    MDT then started negotiation for licensing and production of MDT®surfaces with Alfa-laval. The negations were close to be finalized when the financial crisis affected Alfa-laval and the negotiation were put on hold.

MDT® surfaces